how to open and close a jump ring

I get asked how to open and close jump rings all the time! It's actually really easy to do but it's important to do it right. If you just want to see how to do it jump ahead to the video!

Otherwise, here are a couple jump ring facts.

A jump ring is a very common connector used in jewelry making. Here's a picture of a silver jump ring. As you can see, it's very friendly. 

how to open a jump ring sugar sidewalk

There is actually a "right way" and a "wrong way" to open and close jump rings. If you do it "wrong" you weaken the jump ring and that's not good news for your jewelry. You see, jump rings are connectors. They connect one piece of jewelry to another. Like a pendant to a necklace chain, or a charm to a bracelet. If the jump ring gets weakened, you increase the chance your jewelry won't stay together. 

You need some pliers to open and close jump rings. You don't need really cute ones from the craft store but who are we kidding, cute pliers makes opening and closing them WAY more fun. 


Here's what a correctly opened jump ring looks like.

properly opened jump ring

We made this helpful video on the "right way" to open and close jump rings. Like we said, you don't need the cute pliers (but why not) and you certainly don't need to find friendly jump rings. Even if the jump rings are a little shy, our method will work. 


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