All things are possible with imagination and hard work

I was putting some of our kids art into their keepsake boxes in the garage. I thought to myself "I wish these didn't end up in a box". That small wish became a thought and finally an idea. 

Placing artwork in jewelry that you could wear everyday soon became my creative obsession. My background in graphic design soon melded with jewelry making and the first few pieces came to life. 

What started as a wish is now Sugar Sidewalk, a small business driven by a team of like minded, creative people.

We gravitate toward simple, lightweight pieces that inspire personalization and feature beautiful materials such as sterling silver, colorful enamel, rose gold and natural gemstones.

Every piece is designed from hand made from start to finish in our studio located near Seattle, Washington. (GO HAWKS!)

We focus on creating pieces that are perfect for everyday, celebrate life's milestones, are a keepsake in memory of a loved one, or the perfect compliment to your special occasion. 

We do our best to source the majority of our materials from manufacturers in the US, Canada, Europe & Australia. We want our pieces to be affordable. That said, we will never sacrifice quality for price. Our products are designed and made to last a long, long time. 

Sugar Sidewalk's success is made possible by our supportive families, friends and the most amazing customers on the planet.  


Hope & the Sugar Sidewalk Team

pics above in order from left to right

Hope, Danica & Olivia