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silver flower earrings natural and green
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green and white floral earrings
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Green & White Flower Earrings

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Our latest addition to our stunning geometric floral jewelry. We use the same process to make our hand-soldered silver rectangle earrings with flowers BUT we've added a color duo that we think look pretty smashing! 

We've hand picked local queen anne's lace, left some natural and dyed some a pretty green color. Then we dry and press the flowers and snip the tiny little blossoms. Natural flowers on top, green on the bottom half - we place each tiny blossom carefully in layers of jewelers grade resin. 

Finished with sterling silver ear wires.


Earrings measure 1.25" long and 1/2" wide. (30mm x 13mm)

Rectangles are made with cast pewter (no lead or nickel) plated with .999 fine silver. Ear Wires are .925 sterling silver wire.  

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