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Here's a funny soy wax Candle with a snarky wink.... perfect for your partner, spouse or perfect for your "right now" person ♥️

Think of a movie when folks are about to get busy and they play the bowchikkawowwow music... you know..🎶 bow chikka wow wow 🎶  If you don't know, then you aren't old enough to buy this candle. 😆

Our adorable humorous and adult themed candles (we call them Tiny Curse Candles) are perfect gifts for anyone who appreciates a sarcastic joke, snarkiness and swearing.

Each of our candles has an adorable label - this one is BOWCHIKKAWOWWOW with our "lets get busy" Venn diagram graphic! :) 

Available in the softest pink or natural color (white) - choose your color during checkout

Our Tiny Curse Candles are 100% organic vegan soy wax with crackling wooden wicks that are available in a variety of very light scents. We only use “clean” fragrance oils that are Phthalates Free. We also offer an unscented version of every candle.


Our candle is 4oz and will burn for about 30-36 hours. The container is 2" in height and 2.75" wide. Please see the photo that shows scale. The glass container is completely recyclable or reusable after the wax has finished burning.


We use wood wicks in our soy candles. They are super easy to deal with as we have pre-trimmed the wick for you and every candle comes with instructions and safety information. We use wooden wicks because of the cozy crackly sound they make and they burn longer than traditional wicks.

The first time you burn our candle, make sure you let it burn for at least 60-120 minutes or until there is a full melt pool. That means, the wax is melted all the way around the sides of the candle.


There is a photo that visually describes what we mean by "very lightly scented". If you are in a small room with our candle burning you will notice a slight scent. Our very lightly scented candles are designed to be just noticeable. Most commercial and handmade candles have fragrance load of about 8-12% depending on the maker. Our candles have about 2-4% fragrance.

----------------- INFORMATION ABOUT OUR CANDLES -----------------

Candles are in 5.25oz. glass containers with approximately 4oz (133g) of hand poured soy wax. Every candle comes with a dust cover and a bamboo lid. Remove both the dust cover and lid before burning. Never put the lid on when the candle is still lit.

We use wooden wicks because we like the crackly sound they make. We send our candles pre trimmed and ready to light.

We use a low profile wick tab that securely fastens the wick to the bottom of the container and allows for a more complete burn of the soy wax in the container than standard wooden wick candles.

100% Vegan Soy Wax - no fillers or additives

Not only are our candles designed specifically for people who are sensitive to scent, we also ONLY use fragrance oils that are considered "clean".

Our fragrance oils will never contain:

Reproductive Toxins
Organ Toxins
Acute Toxins

While this decision means there will be scents we can't offer, we aren't willing to use products or ingredients that are known to cause cancer or other harm to people, animals and our environment.

We hand pour our candles in our studio located in Bellevue, WA.

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